Events for the month of September : School's Raising Day Celebrations, Opening of Hindi Pakhwara, Investiture Ceremony of Vice Head Boy and Vice Head Girl, Intra Class Hindi Calligraphy (I to V - 02 Sep); Inter House Hindi Debate (IV & V) and Intra Class Quiz Competition (03 Sep); Inter House Hindi Essay Writing (04 Sep); Teacher's Day Celebration, Hindi Humorous Poem Recitation (05 Sep); Inter House Hindi Declamation (VI to VIII), Intra Class Hindi Poem Recitation (I to V), Inter House Hindi Debate (IX & XI), Closing of Hindi Pakhwara (06 Sep); Half Yearly Examination (III - VIII, XI & XII) & Periodic Test - II (IX & X - 11 to 20 Sep); Inter House Chess Competition (Sr - 26 Sep); Inter House Chess & Best out of waste Competition (Jr - 27 Sep); Parents Teachers Meet (28 Sep)
1 G. Vaishnav Rao 2004-05 Public Prosecutor at Andhra Pradesh High Court
2 Shefali Anand 2005-06 FLT Lt in Indian Air Force
3 Prabjot Singh 2006-07 Working as Sr. Manager Deloitte Company, Canada
4 Balwinder Singh 2006-07 Lt in The Indian Navy
5 Bikram Oberoi 2007-08 Software Engineer in Cognizant Tech, Pune
6 Fatinderjit Singh 2007-08 BDS
7 Harsh Behl 2009-10 Forensic Engineer at Dubai
8 Rohit Bisht 2012-13 Selected in NDA
9 Shubham Pandey 2013-14 Selected in NDA
10 Shubham Saikia 2014-15 Selected through TES
11 Gaurav Tiwari 2007-08 Selected in IMA through CDS(Jan 2017)
12 Yogesh Yadav 2007-08 Selected in NDA