The school came into existence in the month of September 1955 as Garrison Nursery School under the control and supervision of 167 Infantry Brigade. On July 19th, 1984 the school was converted to Army School under the executive committee of Army Welfare Education Society (AWES) and was formally inaugurated by Maj. Gen Narahari, the then GOC 7 Inf Div on 1st September 1984. The school is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi and having affiliation No. 1680008.The present strength of the school is 1834.

Army Public School, Ferozepur Cantt was formally inaugurated on 1st September 1984 by Maj Gen N S Narhari. We are a unique school with a rich legacy offering education with a difference. The school values each learner and provides opportunities for each student to learn and grow.

APS is a multi-cultural school which endeavours to promote all round development of the child through learning for life. We encourage personal expression and celebrate experimentation by every learner. Besides we focus on giving individual attention to each student and making learning accessible to all.

The curriculum is multi-dimensional including an academic programme of high quality and a wide range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The school day is packed with activities that allow students to become effective communicators, problem solvers and creative thinkers.

With the right combination of universal and Indian values, we believe in helping every child to grow into a responsible citizen and a good human being.

Dr. Vipin Jishtu

S.No. Names of the Staff Members  Qualification Designation
1 Dr. Vipin Jishtu Ph.D, M.Ed   Principal 
2 Ms Shalini Shekhawat M.Phil, M.A, B.Ed Vice-Principal
3 Mr Sanjeev Jain M.Phil, MCA, M.Sc,M.Com, B.Ed PGT - Info.Pract
4 Ms Simerjyot kaur Puri M.A, B.Ed PGT - Economics
5 Ms Shailza Sharma M.COM, M.A, B.Ed PGT - Commerce 
6 Ms Neha Arora M.Sc, M.Phil PGDCA, B.Ed PGT - Maths
7 Mr Hareshpreet Oberoi M.Sc, B.Ed PGT - Physics
8 Ms Charnjit  MA, B.Ed PGT - English
9 Ms Nidhi M.Sc, B.Ed. PGT - Biology
10 Mr Jasbir Verma M.P.Ed, M.Phil PGT - Phy Edu
11 Mr Raj Kumar Pandey M.Sc, B.Ed PGT - Chemistry
12 Ms Kamlesh Narula MA,B.Ed TGT - Hindi 
13 Ms Rinku Bala B.A, Compt, B.Ed, PGDCA TGT - Computer
14 Ms Amita Monga B.Sc, B.Ed TGT - Biology
15 Ms Rinki Bala B.A, B.Ed TGT - Punjabi
16 Ms Arveen Kaur M.A, B. Ed TGT - History
17 Mr Shyam Sunder M.A, Prabhakar, B.Ed   TGT - Sanskrit
18 Ms Sharanjeet Kaur B.A, B.Ed TGT - Punjabi
19 Ms Gurbrinder Kaur M.A, B.Ed TGT - Geog
20 Ms Sudesh Khatri M.A, B.Ed TGT - Hindi
21 Ms Manmeet Bindra B.A, B. Ed TGT - English
22 Ms Pooja Rani  M.A,  M.Sc, B.Ed TGT - Maths 
23 Ms Ritu Verma M.A, B.Ed TGT - History
24 Ms Rajesh Chander M.Sc IT, M.C.A, M.Phill CS TGT - Computer
25 Ms Beenu Manchanda M.Sc, B.Ed  TGT - Maths
26 Mr Gurusewak Singh MA,B.Ed TGT - English
27 Ms Konica Singla M.Sc, B.Ed  TGT - Chemistry
28 Ms Manjeet Kaur M.A, B. Ed TGT - S. Science
29 Ms Vartika M.Sc, B.Ed  TGT - Science
30 Ms Nandini Gupta M.Sc, B.Ed TGT – Science
31 Ms Shobha M.A, B. Ed TGT - Hindi
32 Ms Shilpi B.A, B. Ed TGT - S. Science
33 Ms Nidhi Verma  MBA, B. Ed TGT - English
34 Ms Vandini Setia MA, MBA Counsellor
35 Ms Nisha Anand M.Sc, B.Ed Headmistress
36 Ms Amarjit Anand B.A, B.Ed PRT
37 Ms Renu Bala B.A, B.Ed PRT
38 Ms Gurdish Kaur M.Sc, B.Ed PRT
39 Ms Harjinder Kaur B.A, B.Ed PRT
40 Ms Neeru Aggarwal M.A, M.Ed PRT
41 Ms Komal Kamal M.A, B.Ed PRT
42 Ms Neena Maini M.A, B.Ed PRT
43 Ms Rekha Rani M.A, B.Ed PRT
44 Ms Babita Pandey B.Sc, B.Ed PRT
45 Ms Monika Mehta B.Sc, B.Ed PRT
46 Ms Veenu Sood B.A, B.Ed PRT
47 Ms Neerja Sharma B.Sc, B.Ed PRT
48 Ms Harpreet Kaur Bakshi B.Com. B.Ed PRT
49 Ms Nancy Rajdev MA, B.Ed PRT
50 Mr Jatinder Singh B.A, DP Ed PRT- PET/ANO
51 Ms Suman Tayal M.A, B.Ed PRT
52 Ms Vidhu M.Sc, B.Ed PRT
53 Mr Shiv Bahadur Verma MA, B.Ed PRT
54 Ms Sukhdeep Kaur M.Com, B.Ed PRT
55 Ms Sunita Sandhu MA, B.Ed PRT
56 Ms Priti Gulati M.Com, B.Ed PRT
57 Ms Vrinda Sharma M.Sc, B.Ed PRT
58 Mr Gaurav BA. Dip Art &  Craft, PGDCA Art & Craft
59 Ms Priya Gulati M.Sc, B.Ed PRT
60 Ms Preeti Saini MA, B.Ed PRT
61 Ms Saroj Malik MA,M.Sc(IT) . M.Ed PRT
62 Ms Akshika  MA, B.Ed PRT
63 Ms Sapana Naugan MA, M.Ed PRT
64 Ms Anchal Singh B.Com, B.Ed PRT
65 Ms Ankita MA, B.Ed PRT
66 Mr Gagandeep Singh M.A, Dip in Music Music teacher
67 Ms Gurjeet B.Sc, B.Ed PRT
68 Mr Kuldeep Singh M.Com Head Clerk
69 Mr Manoj Kumar Sr Sec LDC 
70 Ms Inderjeet Kaur MCA, MBA Receptionist
71 Ms Prianka Mittal BCA, MBA Accounts Clerk
72 Mr Vikas Dhawan B.Tech LDC
73 Ms Sonam Rani BCA, MCA LDC
74 Mr Gurmail Singh 11th  Adm. Supervisor
75 Ms Malkeat Kaur M.Lib Librarian
76 Mr Sanjeev Kumar BA, PGDCA Comp Technician
77 Mr Nittin Gulati I.T.I. Electronics, Dip in Comp Hardware & Networking ,B.Sc IT, PGDCA                                                                          Comp Technician
78 Mr Rajdeep Singh 12th Sci. Lab Attendant
79 Mr Lachman Singh Matric Elect-cum -work Incharge  (Sr.Wing)